Trade Modelling (TradeM)

Grain elevators in the port of Husum, GermanyFuture farm support programs in Europe will probably reduce direct payments and increase the resources for agri-environmental programs. At the same time global change (e.g. climate change, population growth, changing nutrition regimes) requires a major increase in productivity of agriculture. These developments will enforce the search for new technologies, specific fostering of ecologically desired activities and the development of new organizational forms. Farm level modeling is a strong tool to improve organization of farms, test the economic viability of new technologies and ensure acceptance of new agro-environmental programs. To improve the quality of this type of models, a review of existing tools and an investigation of the requirements of stakeholder are needed. Key questions in TradeM are raised as such as how climate change impact international trade, both within Europe and with third world countries.

Therefore, TradeM aims at promoting the enhancement and deployment of economic models, a better integration of crop- and livestock production into them and more insights into adaptation and mitigation measures and strategies. Moreover, the structure of the work packages aims at a focused exchange of ideas, better insights and conclusions of those involved and offering a forum for researchers, stakeholders and policymakers.

A main challenge to TradeM is finding appropriate methods of generalization (scaling) of outputs of models at different levels, starting at farm level and up until European and global scales. Such upscaling will enable appropriate integration of different models that exist.

Presentations of the TradeM Workshop "Scaling in global, regional and farm models. Agriculture, food security and climate change: scaling challenges in agricutural models" (24 September 2014, Vienna) can be viewed by following this link.


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