Toolbelt Preview

MACSUR Toolbelt (suspended)

Model AdapterToolbelt1

The model integration platform will act as an adapter to make datasets and model inputs/outputs more interchangeable and comparable. This is done by using a common basic infrastructure that builds a vocabulary of terms/names as required. This open source software (GNU GPL v3) has been designed from the ground up, and every effort is being made to keep it as flexible as possible to ensure that any unforeseen factors can still be accommodated. The software is modular in nature, with the capacity for adding new modules independently as ‘plugins’. Modules currently in development include dataset ranking, scenario repository, model repository, glossary of terms, and variable mapping. All new information provided by registered users, in any module, is instantly available to everybody running the software, as it is synced online through the cloud.


Dataset RankingToolbelt2

This module evaluates and classifies data sets into four classes regarding their suitability for different purposes of modelling. Weighting of inputs and variables can be set from the aspect of any modelling platform, as the software allows users to adjust weights (importance) according to their specific requirements.





Scenario repositoryToolbelt3

This module collects scenario details. Scenarios are derived from societal challenges for application in models. Using a subset of models, problems are analysed which allow results to be compared. In order to do this, it is required to develop story-lines that address the challenges of adaptation and mitigation.





Model Repository


The model repository module provides a common interface that allows all models to be described in detail.  This module was built by consolidating all of the information returned from each theme’s model inventories.  Those who submitted the initial details of their models will be asked to use this module to provide any missing details (which were collected by the other two themes, and but are now included here).


Future development

Please conctact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you can contribute to the future development of the software.