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Assisting policy makers and actors in the agri-food chain in identifying effective and efficient adaptation and mitigation measures and potential consequence scenarios, e.g. impact on food yield, quality, nutritive value, disease load etc. in perceived hotspots of climate impacts
Adaptation Futures 2016
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Advancing science on the modeling of agriculture under climate change to improve food security through interdisciplinary European collaboration
MACSUR CropM now serves as the European hub for Coordinated Global and Regional Assessments (CGRA) of Climate Change Impacts. ⇒ "global" menu.
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Livestock systems
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CropM International Symposium and Workshop Presentations


Introductions and Keynotes

Oral Presentations

Poster Presentations


Introductions and Keynotes

Introduction to Symposium

Introduction to Workshop and WP progress

Models - new wine in new bottles?

Critical Challenges for Integrated Modeling of Climate Change and Agriculture: Addressing the Lamppost Problem

Oral Presentations

Ferrise et al:
Using seasonal forecasts for predicting durum wheat yield over the Mediterranean Basin

Gabaldon-Leal et al:
Adaptation strategies to climate change for summer crops on Andalusia: Evaluation for extreme maximum temperatures

Giraldo et al:
Representing the links among climate change forcing, crop production and livestock, and economic results in an agricultural area of the Mediterranean with irrigated and rain-fed activities

Hlavinka et al:
Water balance and yield estimates for field crop rotations - present versus future conditions based on transient scenarios

An economist's wish list for crop modelling

Karunaratne et al:
Modelling climate change impact and assessing adaptation strategies for rice based farming systems in Sri Lanka

Koehler et al:
Exploring synergies in field, regional and global yield impact studies

Kollas et al:
Improving yield predictions by crop rotation modelling? a multi-model comparison

Mitter et al:
Integrated climate change impact and adaptation assessment for the agricultural sector in Austria

Niemeyer et al:
Assessing Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation Measures on Crop Yield at European level

Ruane et al:
The AgMIP Coordinated Climate-Crop Modeling Project

Schils et al:
Yield gap analysis of cereals in Europe supported by local knowledge

Delivering CMIP5-based climate scenarios for impact assessments


Poster Presentations

Bauboeck et al:
Modeling of Agricultural Biomass Potentials in Lower Saxony with the Crop Model BioSTAR

Dibari et al:
Climate change impacts on natural pasturelands of Italian Apennines

Dumont et al:
A Comparison of Optimal Nitrogen Fertilisation Strategies Using Current and Future Stochastically Generated Climatic Conditions

Iocola et al:
Assessment of crop productivity and soil organic C response to climate change in rainfed wheat-maize cropping systems under contrasting tillage using DSSAT

Klosterhalfen et al:
AgroC – Development and first evaluation of a model for carbon fluxes in agroecosystems

Minet et al:
The CARAIB model in MACSUR: Can a global dynamic vegetation model be used for both grassland and crop modeling at the local scale?

Nierobca et al:
The agro-meteorological model for yields of winter triticale in Poland

Persson et al:
Impact of soil properties regionalization procedures on regional timothy dry matter yield and variability in southeastern Norway

Persson et al:
Impact of soil properties regionalization methods on regional wheat yield in southeastern Norway

Potop et al:
Modelling climate change impacts on thermophilic crops production in central and southern Europe

Vanuytrecht et al:
Climate change impact for key crops in Belgium: assessment with stochastically downscaled scenarios of global and regional climate model ensembles

Virkajarvi et al:
Modeling grassland with CATIMO - focus on the second cut

Zylowska et al:
Climatic conditions yielding of maize in Poland in the period 1971-2010