MACSUR and other European contributions to the CGRA

What is the CGRA?

The AgMIP Coordinated Global and Regional Assessments (CGRA) of Climate Change Impacts on Agriculture and Food Security initiative was formalized by a group of scientists, including several from MACSUR, in Aspen, Colorado in September 2015. The CGRA attempts to build the scientific basis on which risks to current and future food production and food security can be managed in the face of extreme weather, climate change, as well as, economic and policy disruptions. This global initiative nicely complements MACSUR’s approach of using state of the art agricultural modelling tools in cross-scale and cross-disciplinary analysis to identify, together with key stakeholders, pathways to improved food security and food system resilience in Europe. As such, MACSUR partners are very active contributors and supporters of the wider CGRA initiative and contribute with their expertise on Europe systems and models, as well as expertise in scaling models and data and conducting cross-scale integrated assessments.


Overview of on-going climate change impact studies in Europe

There are many on-going initiatives in MACSUR and other European consortiums investigating the impacts of extreme events and climate change on agriculture, at local, regional, national and continental scales. These studies range from bio-physical studies considering state of the art scientific knowledge on crop and livestock responses to changing environmental and atmospheric factors to broad integrated studies investigating management and policy adaptations, and the ensuing tradeoffs between environmental, economic and social dimensions, to ensure global food security. A recent workshop in Montpellier during the 6th AgMIP Global Workshop identified the following projects as currently performing some form of climate change impact study in Europe:


Impact study or initiative Links and/or contact

MACSUR - Regional case studies

Regional case studies

Contact: Pier Paolo Roggero (pproggero[at], Davide Cammarano (Davide.Cammarano[at]

MACSUR - EU gridded study on risk of heat stress Contact: Heidi Webber (hwebber[at]
MACSUR (CGRA) - EU 1.5°C study Contact: Heidi Webber (hwebber[at], Frank Ewert (fewert[at]
MACSUR (CGRA) - Adaptation and food security study Contact: Heidi Webber (hwebber[at], Frank Ewert (fewert[at]
MACSUR - XC7 integrated assessment XC 7 description
SUSTAg - EU-wide analysis of options for sustainable development of the European bioeconomy SUSTag project
AgMIP point based studies

AgMIP wheat

AgMIP canola

AgMIP maize

AgMIP rice

AgMIP sugarcane

AgMIP - global gridded studies

Gridded Crop modeling initiative - AgGrid

Global Gridded Crop Model Intercomparison – GGCMI

AgMIP - Ozone initiative Contact: Frank Dentener (frank.dentener[at], Lisa Emberson (l.emberson[at], Frank Ewert (frank.ewert[at]
AgMIP - Grassland initiatives Grassland Initiatives
JRC – Peseta-III; bottom- up, EU-wide, cross sector analysis of CC impacts, including 1.5°C scenarios

Peseta project

Contact: Frank Dentener (frank.dentener[at], Stefan Niemeyer (stefan.niemeyer[at]

RC - ModExtreme ModExtreme project
IIASA – Various on-going cross sector studies Link to IIASA
IMPACT2C – Cross sector impacts of and responses to 2°C warming in Europe IMPACT2C
EU Climate Café – Agricultural impacts and adaptations to CC in Europe (consider ozone) Climate Café
DFG Research Group 1695 - "Agricultural Landscapes under Global Climate Change - Processes and Feedbacks on a Regional Scale"

DFG-RG 1659



More information or getting involved

MACSUR CropM now serves as the European regional hub for CGRA activities. If you would like more information, or to add your study to the overview of on-going activities, please contact us at:

Heidi Webber: hwebber[at]
or Frank Ewert: fewert[at]

or refer to the specific contact given in the project list.