XC workshop (2016-10-13)

Aims of the workshop

  • highlight progress in the cross-cutting activities
  • facilitate collaboration across Themes for achieving the planned project deliverables
  • contributions to a paper on Research gaps in modelling European agriculture with climate change for food security.


  • 08:30 Registration
  • 08:45 Welcome
  • 08:50 Presentations of intermediate results and plans by each cross-cutting activity (member log-in required)
    • XC1 - Model comparison and improvement (Gianni Bellocchi)
    • XC2 - Scaling (Claas Nendel)
    • XC3 - Uncertainty and risk assessment
    • XC4 - Capacity builing
    • XC5 - Interaction with stakeholders (Martin Köchy, Richard Kipling)
    • XC6 - Regional case studies (Pier Paolo Roggero)
    • XC7 - Impact assessment (Andrea Zimmermann)
    • XC8 - Impacts of extreme events (Jake Bishop)
    • XC9 - Yield gaps (Martin Köchy for René Schils)
    • XC10- New technologies
    • XC11- Feed quality, utilisation, protein availability (André Bannink)
    • XC12- Farm-scale risk assessment
    • XC13- Impacts of consumer behaviour (Klaus Mittenzwei for Anna Milford)
    • XC14- Impacts on ecosystem services and rural development (Katharina Helming)
    • XC15- GHG mitigation
    • XC16- Scenario development (Franz Sinabell and Hermann Lotze-Campen)
  • 12:20 Lunch
  • 14:00 Potential collaborations in H2020-2017 or COST actions
  • 14:30 XC contributions to MACSUR's research gap report
    • CC impact scenarios at farm level
      • direct/indirect CC impacts, data needs and availability, model selection, uncertainty
      • defining strengths of impacts
    • lead persons for text contributions, deadlines, formats
  • 14:45 Organisation of XC activities in MACSUR 3 (contingent on emerging plans)
  • 16:15 Break – Opportunity for networking
  • 17:00 End


SCANDIC Oslo Airport

The hotel is within hiking distance (3.5 km) of Oslo Gardermoen Airport. Exit the airport towards Radisson Hotel, keep right and follow Edvard Griegs vegen (or follow signs to P4, there's a free bus shuttle to P4 that saves you 2 km). You can also take shuttle bus S55 (70 NOK, every 20 minutes) from the arrival level of the airport.

Mind the address if you intend to stay in a different place. This is NOT Scandic Gardermoen, Jessheimvegen!


Phone: +47 23 15 59 00
Fax: +47 23 15 59 11



Registration deadline: 25 September (registration after the deadline means you might be without dinner).

The workshop is right after the TradeM workshop. You could take flight SK355 from Trondheim (11:25) to Oslo (12:20).

Pre-workshop dinner: 12 October 2016, 19:00

Workshop: 13 October 2016, 9:00 - 17:00. 

Participation is free thanks to the generous support of the Research Council of Norway. NRC