FACCE MACSUR Mid-Term Scientific Conference (1-3 April 2014)

FACCE MACSUR Mid-Term Scientific Conference

‘Achievements, Activities, Advancement‘

April 1–3(+4), 2014, University of Sassari, Sardinia, Italy

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The mid-term meeting was held in Sassari, Sardinia, 1-4 April 2014. The meeting was attended by 120 researchers and stakeholders from 16 countries. After a day of looking back on the achievements during the first two years and presenting results to stakeholders, researchers focused on fine-tuning the planning of remaining work for the project till May 2015 and preparations for a follow-up project (MACSUR2) till May 2017. On an excursion, scientists and stakeholders visited farms in the Oristano region, one of the regional case studies of MACSUR. The meeting was a unique opportunity in this pan-European project for discussing in person common issues with and among stakeholders of different regions and how to approach the impact of climate change to producing food in Europe in a world with a growing population.

The food consumed during lunches at the conference originated mostly from the Oristano region. Remaining food in good condition was donated to a charity organisation for needy people.

Excursion: dairy sheep farm "Su Pranu" (Siamanna), dairy cattle farm "Sardo Farm" (Arborea), Arborea Cooperative

A report in La Nueva Sardegna highlighted the conference.

Collaboration across countries and disciplines Advancing modelling for risk assessment of climate change impacts Outlook and remaining challenges Interaction with stakeholders: bridging the gap

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