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TradeM International Workshop 2016 (2016-10-09 to 2016-10-12)

Assessing climate change adaptation and mitigation options: The regional and policy dimension

Tromsø – Trondheim, Norway
on board of the Hurtigruten Coastal Express
9-12 October 2016

Aims and objective

It is well established that Europe will face considerable regional differences with regard to climate change. This requires the regional dimension of climate change for a spatially diverse European agriculture to be better understood. Studies of policies that enhance resilience in the food sector and that formulate policy recommendations have to take into account the spatial nature of agriculture and the regional dimension of climate change. The workshop will focus on applications and methodological advancements.

The event has three major goals:

(i)   to discuss adaptation and mitigation options of agricultural systems under climate change

(ii)  to study and assess regional approaches implementing adaptation and mitigation options in agriculture

(iii) to advance  policy implications of climate change for agriculture and food security

Keynote speakers

Peter Wehrheim Head of Unit “Land Use and Finance for Innovation”, European Commission, DG Climate Action
Alan Mathews Prof. em. Trinity College, Dublin
Eric Nævdal Senior Research Fellow, Frisch Centre at the University of Oslo

Ignacio Perez Dominguez

Senior Researcher, Institute for Prospective Technical Studies (IPTS), JRC Seville


Twenty-five people attended. The workshop started with an introduction to Arctic ecology and regional development. Four keynote speakers from policy, science and JRC gave a great mixture of high quality input into the workshop. It fuelled the discussions and was well appreciated by the participants. Fifteen very interesting and engaging presentations throughout the workshop showed that CC mitigation is a very important research undertaking, that LULUCF in crop and animal production play an important role, and that the role of agriculture in the CC policy debate is high on the agenda.

Presentations of the workshop were published in FACCE MACSUR Reports, volume 9 and are now archived in PUBLISSO



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