Regional case studies (XC6)

Case studies at a small regional scale are well suited for integration of crop production, livestock production and farm models, interaction with stakeholders and consideration of environmental conditions. The complexity explored at the case studies level will enable us to deconstruct the climate change-related-issues grounded in a wide range of EU biophysical and socio-economic contexts, which is the basis for a European wide picture that complements the Impact Assessment for Europe (XC7) from a regional perspective. The different approaches that have been used for conducting integrated assessments from a Crop, Live and Trade perspectives at the regional case study scale, will allow us to explore the implications for developing effective adaptive responses in different contexts. Such assessment will be enhanced in some cases by the integration of scientific and lay knowledge leading to contextualized scenario analyses in which model outputs can provide conducive mediating objects between researchers, stakeholders and policy makers. The integrated analyses will be summarized according to a comparative SWOT framework (strengths and weaknesses, opportunities, threats) with respect to their suitability for assessing CC impacts on agriculture for food security (including e.g.: model integration, participation of decision makers and decision takers, scenario development, scaling potential, uncertainty reflection, and tool development). The comparison will allow researchers and policy makers to learn and reflect on the development of effective adaptive responses to CC impacts on agriculture and food security.

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Relevant reports

Workshop on Regional Pilot Studies, 5-7 June 2013, Braunschweig

Background information on Shared Socioeconomic Pathways for use in MACSUR case studies

Overview of case studies


XC6.1. Integrated assessment modelling at the regional case study scale
XC6.2. Comparison of case studies including development of criteria of comparison
XC6.3 Synopsis of case studies from a European perspective and comparison with results by XC7

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