Impacts on ecosystem services and rural development (XC14)

MACSUR utilizes modelling approaches to to develop scenarios of agricultural adaption to increase production services (e.g. food, fiber, fuels). However, agricultural systems are also expected to provide other ecosystem services and contribute to rural development. We will address the impacts of agricultural management scenarios on ecosystem services and rural development.

We will start with the development of an analytical framework for the ex-ante assessment of ecosystem services and rural development from agricultural land use. Then, we will map output indicators of existing MACSUR models. For example, some models have nitrogen surplus or GHG emissions or erosion vulnerability as an outcome besides the yield simulations. This way we generate an understanding in how far the analytical framework can be covered with existing models. Likewise, we identify analytical gaps to be closed in future model developments or by expert-based evaluation systems. It will be facilitated by collaboration with other researchers e.g. from the Ecosystem Service Partnership (ESP). While the analytical framework will be developed at hub level, mapping of activities will be carried out in the regional case studies.

Close cooperation exists with C1.1 "Model response to variable site conditions on crop production and ecosystem services" and C1.3 "Long term effects of management and cropping systems on crop production and ecosystem services".


XC14.1. Analytical framework and indicators for ecosystem service assessment 
XC14.2. Mapping of model outputs from the European Assessment and from the regional case studies
XC14.3. Definition of gaps in ecosystem service assessment
XC14.4. Development of options to improve ecosystem service assessments in MACSUR scenario assessments

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