Capacity building (XC4)

Modelling has become a widespread tool for understanding complex dynamic systems. In particular, modelling plays an important role in understanding climate change impacts within agricultural systems, with a wide range of modelling strategies across a broad spectrum of scientific fields. Many scientists who develop or use these models have only limited formal training in model development. Any experience with models from a wider range of fields is even more limited, which can be a significant barrier to model integration and cross-Theme working. An important aspect of MACSUR is therefore to provide training and capacity building, both for early career scientists and more established researchers who wish to expand their capacity for integrated research. Post-graduate training courses in various aspects of modelling are therefore important to improve the capacity of scientists working in this field. Much effort has already been put into development of Theme-specific courses. Training courses, both on-line and in-person, have also been developed at various partner institutions and as part of other projects. MACSUR2 will continue to build the experiences gained by partners so far within the three Themes. Possible options for future training include training for practitioners, e-learning development and use, PhD courses and more. Experience with training development, approaches to training, and training needs may be very different between Themes and the aim of this XC activity is to bring together the range of possibilities and experiences gained for presentation and discussion.


XC4.1: Development of integrated training strategy
XC4.2: Development of a multidisciplinary e-learning course aimed at MSc and PhD students
XC4.3: Course on agricultural production and environmental modeling
XC4.4: Co-operation in capacity building activities with international partners

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