Cheese Manufacture, SardiniaCross-cutting activities (XC) in MACSUR concentrate on issues that we identified as requiring a joint approach across Themes and are supported in the MACSUR membership by sufficient financial and time resources to carry out meaningful tasks. These comprise scientific activities that focus on methodological improvements (XC1,3,4), on regions (XC6,7,16), and societal and systemic challenges (XC5,8,9,11,12, 13, 14,15). 

XC1 Model comparison & improvement
XC2 Scaling
XC3 Uncertainty and risk assessment
XC4 Capacity building
XC5 Interaction with stakeholders
XC6 Regional case studies
XC7 Impact Assessment for Europe
XC8 Variability and extreme climatic events
XC9 Identifying sustainable opportunities to reduce yield gaps in Europe
XC10 Contributions of new technologies to adaptation and mitigation
XC11 Feeding livestock: forage produktion, feed quality, efficiency of feed resource use and animal protein produktion
XC12 Farm-scale risk assessment
XC13 Impact of consumer behaviour
XC14 Impacts on ecosystem services and rural development
XC15 GHG mitigation from agriculture
XC16 Overal scenario development

Results of the cross-cutting activities are geared to inform decision-makers and the agro-foodchain about the projected trends of crop and livestock production, and prices within the constraints of climate change and global population growth, implications of farm management practices, and about the feasibility and effectiveness of options for adaptation and mitigation at different spatial and organisational scales.

Stakeholders interested in the activities are welcome to follow the links and to contact the responsible persons. 

MACSUR2 Activities