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  FACCE MACSUR Hub Newsletter June 2016  
  News from MACSUR  
  LiveM policy brief  
Three weeks ago the first MACSUR policy brief was published: ‘From Diversity to Strategy: Livestock research for effective policy in a climate change world’. The brief was produced by the LiveM coordination team and focuses on the lessons learnt from MACSUR about the structure, requirements, purpose and need for successful collaborative networks. Please have a read, and circulate the document to your networks.
  LiveM position paper  
  The publication of ‘Modeling European ruminant production systems: facing the challenges of climate change’ is a key article for MACSUR. This paper
  • provides an overview of how ruminant systems modeling supports the efforts of stakeholders and policymakers to predict, mitigate and adapt to climate change; 
  • provides ideas for enhancing modeling to fulfil this role.
For the first time, this position paper presents together the range of disciplines and approaches involved in ruminant systems modeling in the context of climate change, from livestock-parasite interactions to grasslands and regional level economics. The paper signposts the need for more detailed reviews of research priorities for modeling climate change impacts and adaptation in specific modeling disciplines.
Please read and share this important publication.
  100+ peer-reviewed MACSUR papers  
  By the end of May, the number of peer-reviewed papers acknowledging MACSUR has crossed the 100 mark. Katharina Brüser of CropM has put in efforts in tracing and indexing papers that were not yet in our internal database. Lists of published papers etc. can be found on the MACSUR web site under 'output.  
  Vote for Flagship topic 'climate change impacts along the agro food chain'  
  The EU Commission is evaluating new flagship topics this summer. An EU flagship with this topic would mean that many future EU calls will focus on climate change and agriculture between 2020-2030. 
A strong support in terms of votes is vital for pushing the topic to the top of the agenda. If you have not voted for it yet (i.e. rated it on a scale of 0-5 stars
), please do so now. Ask also your colleagues and other projects to do so. Anyone may vote. 
Step-by-step instructions on our webpage | Leaflet with all the information
  MACSUR workshop for policymakers 2016, 24 May, Brussels  
  Our website has now a summary of the workshop and the presentations are available for download. The workshop focused on impacts of climate change on agriculture in several regions across Europe and how local adaptation measures might conflict with EU and national policies. Presentations by MACSUR and representatives of the European food and beverage industry, the European landowners, and the Commission showed agreement on future challenges for food production: climate change, growing global population, increasing average age in industrialized countries. For achieving global food security in 30 years it will become necessary to find solutions that are economically sound, satisfying for farmers and consumers, and gentle to environment and climate.  
  Adaptation Futures 2016, 10–13 May, Rotterdam  
  The conference was a huge event (over 1600 persons from more than 100 countries) and provided MACSUR a good opportunity for presenting our work on adaptation in agriculture. Presentationssummary and photos of MACSUR's session (2.10) are now online. MACSUR members gave or co-authored presentations also in sessions 2.1, 2.6, 2.98.4 (and maybe more).  
  MACSUR features as case study for ERA-Learn 2020  
  ERA-LEARN 2020 is a support action (CSA) funded by Horizon 2020. ERA-LEARN 2020 involves the main stakeholders engaged in designing and deploying the broad structures and functions for the coordination and cooperation of national and/or regional research programmes. MACSUR (phase 1) has been selected as a case study for the novel project form of a knowledge hub. You can read the report online.  
  New MACSUR publications  
Results of the paper(s) were obtained within the international research project “FACCE MACSUR – Modelling European Agriculture with Climate Change for Food Security, a FACCE JPI knowledge hub”, funded by the authors' national or regional funding organizations. ⇒ Extended list of publications acknowledging MACSUR.
  • Dono G., Cortignani R., Dell’Unto D., Deligios P., Doro L., Lacetera N., Mula L., Pasqui M., Quaresima S., Vitali A., Roggero P.P. 2016. Winners and losers from climate change in agriculture: Insights from a case study in the Mediterranean basin. Agricultural Systems 147, 65-75. doi: 10.1016/j.agsy.2016.05.013
  • Kipling R.P., Bannink A., Bellocchi G., Dalgaard T., Fox N.J., Hutchings N.J., Kjeldsen C., Lacetera N., Sinabell F., Topp C.F.E., van Oijen M., Virkajärvi P., Scollan N.D., 2016. Modeling European ruminant production systems: Facing the challenges of climate change. Agricultural Systems 147, 24-37. doi 10.1016/j.agsy.2016.05.007
  MACSUR events and external events  
All MACSUR meetings are listed on the MACSUR website. They are also announced on MACSUR's Facebook site and Twitter (FACCEMACSUR). All events can be subscribed to via a Google calendar
  Italian Long-term Agro-ecosystem Experiments,
Special issue in European Journal of Agronomy
  The special issue presents part of the "legacy of some three-four generations of researchers [… who] from the 1960ies onward established long term agro-ecosystem experiments (LTAE) in various Italian locations, to address a wide range of agronomy research questions. "…after so many years their experiments … provide such a rich-data robust support to scientists aiming to answer to the increasingly mandatory questions posed by climate change challenges." →Editorial  
  News from FACCE JPI  
  Knowledge Network on the Sustainable Intensification of Agriculture  
  The kick off meeting of the Knowledge Network Sustainable Intensification (KNSI) was held on 3 June 2016. The KNSI is one of the FACCE-JPI 2014-2015 Implementation plan actions. André Bannink, co-coordinator of LiveM gave a presentation on MACSUR's experiences with the knowledge hub structure.  
  You can subscribe to the FACCE JPI newsletter on the FACCE JPI homepage.  
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