Media Coverage

2021-07-16 Scientific policy consultation in the project MACSUR SciPol: Using science to combat climate change - Press Release

2016-10-04 Should food security be a priority for the EU? D. Leclère in: IIASA Nexus Blog

2016-04-28 Interview with representatives of Association of Agricultural Leasers and Owners in Poland (Stowarzyszenie Dzierżawców i Właścicieli Rolnych) to gather opinions on important risk factors in farming in a view of climate change and possible adaptation activities supported by changes in CAP.

2016-03-22 »German Researchers cooperate globally« - Journal contribution by German Minister of Agriculture, mentioning MACSUR as an example. VDL-Journal

2015-20-10 Presentation of Research  on Climate change and Agriculture- Macsur presentation  (In Norwegian). Macsur Norwegian Consortium in: NIBIO  webpage news

2015-12-22 Press release on the occasion of the COP21 meeting, Paris. M. Köchy in: MACSUR Press release

2015-12-05 L'agriculture devra s'adapter aux changements climatiques (Popularization article on climate change effects an agriculture in Belgium). J. Minet in: La Lettre Paysanne

2015-12-04 COP21 Guest blog – Prof. Christine Foyer: Modelling European Agriculture with Climate Change for Food Security (MACSUR) -A FACCE-JPI Knowledge Hub. C. Foyer in: University of Leeds Blog

2015-07-23 Quest for climate-proof farms: Climate change is a major threat to food production, so researchers are working with farmers to make agriculture more resilient. Q. Schiermeier in: Nature 523: 396-397

2014-10-24 Radio interview with A. Wilson on bluetongue control for Science in Action. BBC World Service

2014-10-16 Spanish student in Horsham to study capsicum pests. Thursday, October 16, 2014. Department of Environmental and Primary Industries.. DEPI News - Grampians

2014-06-07 Wie höhere Produktivität im Agrarsektor der Wirtschaft nutzt (Benefits of a productive agricultural sector for the economy). Kronenzeitung: Expertenforum

2014-04-01 Cambiamenti climatici, esperti da tutto il mondo. La Nuovo Sardegna

2014-03-22 Nachhaltige Landwirtschaft - Erfolge sind da, der Weg ist aber noch lang (Sustainable agriculture - sucess is there but there is still a long way to go). Kronenzeitung: Expertenforum

2014-02-18 Studio Campus of the regional radio station (science meets journalism). S. Rolinski, A. Biewald in: RBB

2013-12-01 Grzyby z rodzaju Fusarium powodujące suchą zgniliznę bulw ziemniaka - a popular science article, in Polish. S. Sobkowiak, J. Śliwka in: Ziemniak Polski

2013-12-01 Description of the project MACSUR goals and progress in the tasks realization. W. Bojar in: Website of the UTP

2013-06-01 W Europie szerzą się nowe genotypy Phytophthora infestans, organizmu powodującego zarazę ziemniaka - a popular science article, in Polish. J. Śliwka in: Ziemniak Polski 2:

2013-04-07 Publication of a website about FACCE and MACSUR activities in Belgium, with a blog about conferences and events related to topics of MACSUR (, active until 2015-05-31). Julien Minet

2013-02-01 Call for TradeM workshop in Haifa, Israel on the website of EAERE-European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists. Palatnik, R.

2012-10-05 Wie wirkt sich der Klimawandel auf die Landwirtschaft aus?' Radio interview with Dr. Martin Banse on NDR Info show "logo!". NDR Info

2012-10-01 Klimafolgen für Lebensmittel. Regjo. Das Regional-Journal für Südostniedersachsen 05.2012: 52

2012-09-03 Interview with M. Köchy on 'Alle Wetter' HR3 German public TV. HR3

2012-08-27 vTI koordiniert neues Forschungsprojekt MACSUR. Agra-Europe 35/12: 26

2012-08-27 Forscher ergründen Zusammenhänge zwischen Klimawandel und Ernährung' by KlimAktiv gGmBh. KlimAktiv

2012-03-21 Costing the Earth: Outbreak, Radio interview with A. Wilson. BBC Radio 4