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FACCE MACSUR Structure Overview, 2015-2017
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FACCE MACSUR Structure Detail, 2015-2017
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FACCE MACSUR First-Year Report
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FACCE MACSUR Second-Year Report
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FACCE MACSUR Phase 1 Final Report
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FACCE MACSUR Phase 2 Final Report
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MACSUR - Flyer (2015)

Updated flyers (2015, general and for individual countries) can be found in Output > Country Flyers >

MACSUR - Flyer (2013)
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A file with finer resolution can be found in the members' section.

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FACCE MACSUR Consortium Agreement
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Modelling European Agriculture with Climate Change for Food Security

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Please use Graph 1 – "Structure of FACCE‐MACSUR Knowledge Hub" (Page 2) as a tool for navigation through the document.

MACSUR2 FULL PROPOSAL (Final Version) - 
MACSUR – Second Phase

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