Regional case studies
Assisting policy makers and actors in the agri-food chain in identifying effective and efficient adaptation and mitigation measures and potential consequence scenarios, e.g. impact on food yield, quality, nutritive value, disease load etc. in perceived hotspots of climate impacts
Adaptation Futures 2016
Presentations and summary available for download
Advancing science on the modeling of agriculture under climate change to improve food security through interdisciplinary European collaboration
MACSUR CropM now serves as the European hub for Coordinated Global and Regional Assessments (CGRA) of Climate Change Impacts. ⇒ "global" menu.
Summaries of results, events, presentations
The archives of FACCE MACSUR
Advancement in modelling the links between crops, farms, and socio-economy
Advancement in modelling of crops
Livestock systems
Livestock systems
Advancement in modelling of livestock, permanent grasslands, and farms
Advancement in modelling of markets and socio-economy

Photos from the CropM 2014 International Symposium and Workshop


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